Our stallions are selected after extensive research. We have chosen to focus on 100% Foundation Morgan stallions that carry a significant lineage to Red Correll. Though Blackwood Correll is the only surviving sire line from Red Correll we have searched for and included mare lines that include may other Red Correll decedents. Our senior stallion is Triple S Silver Dollar. He is everything you could ask for in a stallion. He is smart, willing, easy to train. He has incredible conformation and athletic ability. His foals are all in your pocket friendly. Plus he is a nearly white palomino and imparts a beautiful buttermilk color to his light offspring, and a chocolate color to the smokey blacks. He carries the W2 dominant white gene and many of his foals have that signature blaze. 

Our junior stallions are the result of crossing Silver on mares deep in old Morgan bloodlines including Archie O, Farceurs Morgan, WAR Omega Bird, Jubilee King, Flyhawk and specifically Red Correll decedents such as Bird S Sentney, Morgan gold, Shenendoah Red.  We allow our stud colts to mature before gelding as we know these horses of Red Correll lines can be slow to reach full development.  We often have several young studs growing up here and make sure that they are well socialized. It is a blessing that these boys are so easy to handle even at a young age. We are pleased to watch our young colts mature and will be open to breeding homes in the future. 

Triple S Silver Dollar 

Triple S Chinook X Whippoorwill Victoria

2001 Palomino 15 h


Exceptional conformation and athletic ability. He has a big floaty trot and is very balanced.  His offspring are easy to train and very friendly. 




Silver's page


Available via frozen in special circumstances.

Ostara Silverbeau Regard

Triple S Silver Dollar X RRMBD Miss Independence

2017 Buckskin should mature 15.1


Beau is our family favorite. He comes running whenever he sees you.  He is willing and very easy to train. He is 15.1 and still growing with exceptional hip and bone. He is very fast, well balanced and fearless. Beau is an Adiel's Stetson grandson and his pedigree is rich in WAR, Sweets and Triple S lines with a splash of Whippoorwill.




Beau's page


Available for breeding via live cover or fresh cooled.

Ostara Silverbird Indybae

Triple S Silver Dollar X Bird Flirt GD

2018 Smokey Black Colt expected to mature 15 h


Indy is a gentle soul. He is polite to both people and other horses.  He just naturally does what is asked of him.  He is becoming such a beautiful colt, with thick wavy mane, kind eyes, and a beautiful suspended trot. Indy's pedigree is rich in Red Correll (18% AGR) plus WAR, Sweets including lines to Archie O.




Now gelded. Limited frozen semen available to approved mares

Ostara Silvrbella Justice

Triple S Silver Dollar X Westwind Isabella

2018 Palomino Colt expected to mature 14.3


Justice is "one of the best living examples of Correll lineage". He has beautiful gaits, compact and strong. He is smart and very friendly.  18%AGR Red Correll and 9% AGR Kings River Morgan. Justice never tires and may make a great endurance sire. 

 Sadly Justice was injured and we lost him too soon. 







Ostara Silvrquest Correll

2019 Smokey cream EE/Aa/ Cr Cr 

Triple S Silver Dollar x LBF Cajun Queen


England is so easy going, but don't let that laid back attitude fool you. When he lets go he can prance and float like nobody's business. He is wonderful to work with. 14 crosses to Red Correll AGR 18.4% Englands dam goes back to the exceptional MEMC Tequila Cuervo and Gay Vaquero. Gelded




Now gelded, Frozen available to approved mares.

Ostara Silvjenwood Twilight

Triple S Silver Dollar X Westwind Jennifer

2020 smoky black colt, expected to mature to 15.2


Tonto is a long legged sporty fellow with a curious nature. He was born a beautiful silvery gray and is looking to be a deep chocolatey brown with that distinctive blaze. A real sweet heart. Tonto's pedigree includes Red Correll, Black Correll, Kings River Morgan, Winterset, Romanesque and Squire burger. 

 now Gelded




Frozen available to limited approved mares. 

Ostara Silverbell Asalia

Triple S Silver Dollar X Westwind Isabella

2020 Buckskin colt expected to mature to 15h


Asa is a compact little powerhouse. He knows what he wants and that is attention. Full brother to Justice and just as correct.  Excellent pedigree as he is a grandson to Farceurs Falcon Morgan while his Triple S lines include Red Correll and Circle S Nopalito to Condo.




limited frozen semen available to approved mares.