2017 Foals

Ostara Silvjenwood Reine  "Wren"

Triple S Silver Dollar X Westwind Jennifer

Reine is an amazing filly. She is bold, fearless, curious.  She is very well balanced, with suspension since day one. 

This filly has performance potential.  Incredibly friendly and easy to train.  She is will do well at dressage, driving, trail or what ever you desire.

Ostara Silverdawn Adagio  "Dodge"

Triple S Silver Dollar x Do More Shawna Dawn

Dodge is a sweet boy.  So easy to train. Very trusting. He will be big, likely 15.3.  He has a quiet manner and easy canter. Very versatile.  He will make a great partner horse from trail to dressage.


Ostara XB Windflower  "Windy"

Kells Above R Xpectations x Bird Flirt GD

Windy is a delight. She is just striking when she moves.  We are retaining her with hopes for a driving horse.,

Ostara Silverbeau Regard  "Beau"

Triple S Silver Dollar X RRMBD Miss Independence

We just can't wait for Beau to mature.  What a solid, sturdy boy with great hip and shoulder, And that neck, Just wow.

Beau has a great mind. Easy going and willing. 

Red Correll and Archie O bloodlines.

2016 Foals



Ostara Mtn Moondancer

"Danny boy"

Whippoorwill Newmoon X Mountain Velvet Jante

Born May 30, 2016

99.8% foundation colt

Danny boy is big.  His mamma is nearly 16 hands.  He has a beautiful laid back shoulder, strong hip and upright neck and head.  He is full of energy and athleticism.  With as sire as legendary as  Whippoorwill Newmoon who is a National Reining champion as well as being ridden in dressage, and used as a driving horse, the sky's the limit for this colt.  His dam is the best riding horse we own.  She is rock solid with the  smoothest of  gaits and completely unflappable.    He should mature into an excellent riding or driving horse.  For sale, inquire if interested. 


Pedigree at All Breed Pedigree


Danny Boy makes a new friend in Remmi.
Danny Boy makes a new friend in Remmi.


 Ostara Silverdawn Aristos


Triple S Silver Dollar X Do More Shawna Dawn


Born June, 4th 2016

99.8% foundation

with an amazing 8 crosses to Red Correll.  Ari has the sweetest disposition. He was curious and trusting from day one.  His beautiful head sits high atop his graceful arching neck.  He has strong legs, strong hip and a nicely laid back shoulder.  Top that off with some classy white markings and you have one handsome colt. Triple S Silver Dollar passes on his perfect confirmation, athleticism and sweet personality.  He may darken to a liver chestnut like his mamma, and will be very striking to look at.  Ari is gaited, homozygous by synchrogait testing.  A colt with this pedigree who is gaited is rare.  

Ari is for sale. Please inquire if interested.




Pedigree at All Breed Pedigree