Triple S Silver Dollar

Triple S Chinnook X Whippoorwill Victoria

2001 Palamino


Silver has an amazing pedigree where the best of Triple S lineage blends with the impeccable breeding of Whippoorwill Morgans. He is a modern day example of the timeless qualities of the decendants of Red Correll.


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"Triple S Silver Dollar, a 15 hand stallion , represents the meeting of the Eastern and Mid-Western families of Blackwood Correll. His sire Triple S Chinook is pure Robert and Jan Painter's Triple S breeding from Crawford, NE, and his dam Whippoorwill Victoria is among the first generation of foals sired by Blackwood Correll after his purchase by McCulloch Farms of Old Lyme, CT".


                                             Ina Ish from Triple S Silver Dollar Pedigree Analysis.


He is among the finest of Triple S stallions still producing. He has a double cross to Silverton Morgan up close, giving him substance, upheadedness and effortless movement classic to Silverton Morgan.  Silverton of all the Corrells has additional up close concentrated Winterset through his dam lines. Silver has 19 crosses to Winterset in his 9 generation pedigree.  In addition to his impeccable pedigree, Silver has a spectacular disposition.  




Norman Yoder, trainer, with Billy Yoder Horsemanship.
Norman Yoder, trainer, with Billy Yoder Horsemanship.

Silvers's Offspring:


Triple S Silver Dollar Pedigree Analysis by Ina Ish

Triple S Chinook X Whippoorwill Victoria

Palomino Stallion, foaled 2001

Bred By Robert & Jan Painter,Crawford, NE


Triple S Silver Dollar, a 15 hand stallion , represents the meeting of the Eastern and Mid-Western families of Blackwood Correll. His sire Triple S Chinook is pure Robert and Jan Painter's Triple S breeding from Crawford , NE, and his dam Whippoorwill Victoria is among the first generation of foals sired by Blackwood Correll after his purchase by McCulloch Farms of Old Lyme, CT.

Triple S Chinook was by Triple S Red Wind out of Triple S Soap Suds by Blackwood Correll. Triple S Red Wind was sired by Triple S Red Major. Red Major was by Blackwood Correll, a black stallion, 15.3 hands, bred by B. Wallace Mills of Nebraska. Blackwood Correll was sired by the legendary Red Correll. Out of Lady Rockwood who went back to Red Correll, Headlight Morgan, Jubilee King and General Gates., In turn Red Correll was sired by Will Rogers. Will Rogers and Red Correll were upheaded horses with totally correct conformation , of great strength, stamina, and soundness. They are considered Pure Old Midwest breeding. The sire of Will Rogers was Herod Panic by Herod Golddusty. Again, this is Old Midwest breeding. The line from Herod Panic and Herod Golddusty goes back to Black Hawk by Sherman Morgan, in the following order: Herod Golddusty by Winterset by Captain Jack, by Morgan Jack by Prince Herod by Hercules by Herod by King Herod by Sherman Black Hawk by Black Hawk by Sherman. The Herods were black horses of 15 hands , frequently 15.2 and weighing in the neighborhood of 1,200 lbs. They were a very solid, hard working , sane family. Since a sire line , no matter how illustrious the horses in it may be, in this case Winterset, Red Correll, and Will Rogers especially, is only part of the equation that makes up any given horse -it is time to look at the paternal dam side of Triple S Silver Dollar's pedigree.


The dam of Triple S Chinook was Triple S Soap Suds by Blackwood Correll out of Triple S Goldusty by Mar-Los Colonel Hamtramck by Verran's Laddie out of Cyclamen bred by the US Government Farm. Verran's Laddie was by Lippitt Moro Ash out of Ruthven's Polly Ann- a primarily Government bred mare. Goldusty's dam was Lucie by Silverton Morgan out of Iyoksica . Iyoksica was bred by the Oglala

Community HS in Pine Ridge , SD. She had some of the old Montana CX Larrabee breeding which was used and sought by ranchers in the area. Her sire was Highland Glen who was by Justin's Silhouette X Beauty Panic. Highland Glen was by Justins Silhouette out of Sprite by Escort. Both of Justins Silhouette's parents go back to Sherman Morgan though Quintessence as well as going back to Golddust who went back to Gifford Morgan and to Sherman Morgan and is mentioned in the pedigree of Traveler's Choice, dam of Red Racer. Sprite, on the other hand was bred by The Maxwell Lodge in WA. She was a winning cow horse. Her sire was Escort who is old Government breeding, going back to General Gates three times in five generations. Sprite's dam was Nymph, also of US Government Farm breeding, but she carried Troubadour of Willowmoor , (he was bred by C.W. Clise of Redmond, WA, but later stood at the Government farm), as her sire. Her dam was Helen Gates, by General Gates out of the Daniel Lambert daughter Caroline. The dam of Triple S Red Wind, was Red Madge. The sire of Red Madge was Shawalla Major and her dam was Red Butie. Shawalla Major had a tail male sire line going back to Jubilee King through Juzan then his son Agazizz, then down to Silver Rockwood ( whose dam May Rockwood is also behind Blackwood Correll), to Rockfield. Rockfield was a very substantial horse. Silver Rockwood , sire of Rockfield, was a flaxen chestnut, as was his sire Agazizz ( Juzan X Gizea). This is Brunk breeding. The dam of Rockfield was Katrina Field by Sonfield- out of Blazie Q by Querido out of Katrina. Katrina was linebred to Headlight Morgan on both her sire and dam's sides. Headlight Morgan was at the heart of the famous Sellman breeding program. Katrina Field was bred by Roland Hill of California, as was her dam Blazie Q. Sonfield was by Mansfield out of Quietude by Troubadour of Willowmoor- who went back to Sherman Morgan. This is a departure from the Old Midwest breeding of the Herods, but still within a close relationship as May Rockwood was bred by Elmer Brown of Halstead, KS. The dam of Shawalla Major was Madene by Fleetfield ( Mentor x Norma). Fleetfield was a full brother to the highly regarded Eastern Park Horse show stallion Trophy. This is classic US Government Farm breeding. Madene herself was a Jackson Ranch bred mare. Fleetfield represents typical US Government farm breeding of that time. Mentor's sire was Goldfield by Mansfield ( Bennington X Artemsia) and he was out of Juno a General Gates granddaughter. Mentor himself was out of Fairytop ( Delmont X Topaz). Delmont was by Ulysses ( full brother to Mansfield) out of Ladelle, a saddlebred mare. Topaz was by Mansfield. Norma, the dam of Fleetfield , was by Canfield, another full brother to Mansfield, out of Romance by Bennington. Fleetfield sired 45 Registered Morgans, all of whom seem to be out of early Jackson Ranch mares. Madene was out of Claudine who was by Red Racer out of Traveler's Choice. Red Racer was by Delbert who was by Revere by Mansfield X Folly- a Bennington daughter. Traveler's Choice goes back to Daniel Lambert five times through Jubilee De Jarnette via Quintessence. Along with the fives crosses to Daniel Lambert, Traveler's Choice has three lines to Golddust an extremely elegant golden bay stallion, who combined the blood of Woodbury and Sherman Morgan. Delbert was from the Miles City Remount Station , his dam was Alibirdi, a Sellman bred mare who was a granddaughter of Headlight Morgan and also of Red Oak by

General Gates. Red Racer's dam was Katelina a daughter of Chief Bugler who was a double grandson of Jubilee De Jarnette, his two granddams were both by Lambert Boy with mare lines going back to Black Hawk Morgan.. This breeding is that of C.X. Larrabee. Troubadour Of Willowmoor standing at the Government Farm was the sire of Quietude, dam of Sonfield. Here through Katelina is more concentrated Sherman Morgan blood. The dam of Red Madge was Red Butie by Silverton Morgan who was by Morgan Gold who was by Red Correll ( who was the sire of Blackwood Correll) . Morgan Gold's dam was Luellen , a smoky black mare from the LU Sheep Co. Ranch in Wyoming. Luellen's dam was Ethete by Flyhawk out of Sue, an unregistered daughter of Linspar who was by Linsley by General Gates and out of Sparbelle by Sparhawk- who goes back to King Herod by Sherman Black Hawk. Night Tide was the sire of Luellen. Night Tide was by Tiffany ( by Mansfield) out of the Allen King daughter Glenalla. Allen King's blood goes back to Daniel Lambert via Ben Franklin and back to Jubilee De Jarnette twice. In addition Allen King carried the blood of Charles Reade who had three crosses to Black Hawk and was himself triple registered as Morgan, Saddlebred, and Standardbred. Allen King was a full brother to Penrod, the sire of Jubilee King. Red Butie's dam was Red Girl by Burkey out of Bonny Jean. Burkey is all Old Midwest breeding being by Rosevelt out of Queen Mae. Rosevelt was by Winterset, behind Red Correll and Blackwood Correll. Rosevelt, though not terribly widely found in modern pedigrees, was a very handsome horse who contributed great type and quality to his descendants. Queen Mae goes back to King Herod Jr. through her sire line and her dam was Potena, who was also the dam of Midnight Beauty who was the dam of Herod Panic. Bonnie Jean however, was by Rosin by Red Oak by General Gates and her dam was Montana Maid by De Jarnette Jr. Alice Dean was the dam of Montana Maid, and she went back to King Herod who goes back to Black Hawk by Sherman Morgan on both sides of his pedigree. Bonnie Jean is Old Montana breeding. Beauty Panic , the dam of Highland Glen was all Old Midwest breeding. She was by Herod Panic out of Midnight Beauty. Herod Panic was also the sire of Will Rogers. Herod Panic's sire Herod Golddusty was by Winterset, and Herod Panic's dam- Midnight Beauty was by Winterset. Again, we see the concentration of Sherman Morgan's blood. Miga who was the dam of Herod Panic was also by Winterset. She was another strongly bred Sherman Morgan horse, with a line to Golddust. It is much the same with Potena, dam of Midnight Beauty. Thus behind Triple S Red Wind through him there is a great deal of Sherman Morgan, Old Midwest, Old Montana, and Old Washington State breeding.


Quite a sire line indeed with many crosses to the wonderful, and handsome Winterset as well as more than a few lines to Red Oak, long considered the best of the General Gates sons. Quintessence is here in abundance, and is known to always have added a special something to any pedigree, as has Golddust, few though his Morgan get were.


Whippoorwill Victoria dam of Triple S Silver Dollar, was by Blackwood Correll out of Whippoorwill Royale. Royale represents old Whippoorwill breeding indeed. She was by Whippoorwill Viceroy out of Whippoorwill Melanie. Viceroy was by Whippoorwill Duke out of Miss Snip who brings Flyhawk into the pedigree. Whippoorwill Duke was by Squire Burger out of Diana Mansfield. A cross of the

Brunk Jubilee King blood and that of the US Government Farm. Squire Burger was by Juzan X Nella by Allen King, Juzan by Jubilee King out of Liza Jane by Knox Morgan out of Brunk bred Allen Franklin -sire of Jubilee King's sire- Penrod. Diana Mansfield by Mansfield out of Lippitt Trixie Ash by Ashbrook out of Lippitt Trixie a Knox Morgan granddaughter. Miss Snip was by The Brown Falcon by Flyhawk out of Funquest Wallisa by Chief Red Hawk by Flyhawk. Wallisa's dam was Linwallis by Colonel's Boy out of Linbar who was a foundation mare for Funquest. She was by Barberry out of Elberty Linsley by Linsley. Barberry was by Nightide out of Betty Barr by Penrod out of Daisy Knox by Knox Morgan. Nightide was a Mansfield grandson. The dam of Whippoorwill Royale was Whippoorwill Melanie- she by Whippoorwill DuTime out of Whippoorwill Melody by Squire Burger out of Locket by Hawk Jim. This is Government farm breeding crossed with Brunk.


Whippoorwill DuTime was by Whippoorwill Duke out of Dalcrest Ran-Bu-Time. Ran-Bu-Time was by Ranbunctious out of Waltz Time by Dyberry Bob. Ranbunctious went back to Magellen through Black Sambo and back to Juzan and Chocolate through his paternal granddam Black Ranger. Waltz Time by Dyberry Bob brings in more Lippitt breeding -he carrying Lippitt Moro, Ashbrook, Lippitt Sallie and Ne Komia. The dam of Waltz Time was Marigold. Marigold was by Goldfield out of Ingrid by Mansfield- again intense US overnment

Farm breeding.


This is the pedigree of Triple S Silver Dollar- rich in foundation stock for Morgan farms such as the Whippoorwill Morgans, Triple S Morgans, Funquest Morgans and the US Government Farm. It is a very rich pedigree indeed being a blend of Old Midwest, Old Washington , Old Vermont, and Old Western blood. Silver Dollar should prove to be a good sire, bringing not only substantial  foundation blood to the mix but a very solid color line to Palomino.


Pedigree Analysis by: Ina M. Ish

June 22, 2010

Longstreet Consulting




Ostara Silver Dawn Aristos

2016 colt by Triple S Silver Dollar