Ostara Silverbeau Regard

Triple S Silver Dollar x RRMBD Miss Independence

2017 Buckskin colt, expected to mature 15.1


Beau has been a favorite since he was born. He is the first of the golden cross of "Silver" and "Beauty", an exceptional mare on lease from Don Bahr of Do More Morgans.  Beau is a people horse and wants to be with you. In fact, as a youngster I would often find him on the wrong side of the fence wondering what I was doing. He was so accepting of people he would lay his head on my lap to nap. He expected me to keep the flies away and would look up if I was not doing a good job.  He has always been easy to work with, willing and fearless. 


Beau's pedigree is up close to some great Midwest horses. Blackwood Correll and Redwood Correll top things off followed by Rhythms Bimbo with a direct line to Archie O.  Then add Squire Burger, Whipporwhill Duke, Romanesque and Trinandee.  Beau is exactly what you would expect from this pedigree. He is smart, willing, easily trainable, unflappable, fearless and bold. He has incredible substance and bone.  He is quick, coordinated and athletic. 

He is a joy to train and has spoiled us for what to expect from a young stud colt.  He has one colt on the ground who is outstanding. " Ostara Im going to Jaxon" now owned by Adrienne Dymesich of Sunrise Ranch. We are expecting another foal June 2021.